Recently I put together a little recap/guide to attending fashion week for Seattle based Hard Times Press- a popular queer friendly underground zine available in most local night spots. It just came out last week so what better time to announce it than while I'm in Seattle?! Here is a bit from the article to get you started:

New York Fashion Week. It was a drag. A whirlwind. A bevy of cameras, celebrity sightings, oh.. and a runway show. That's right, A runway show. As in One. As in, I'm not cool enough (yet) to breeze into the front row of any catwalk I please.
Don't look so disappointed. I know you were hoping Stella Rose Saint Clair would jet off to her new life in NYC only to be showered in backstage passes and pelted with cushy cushy VIP areas (okay so maybe that was just my hope) but it just doesn't work that way, damnit. Instead you will find me, Stella Rose Saint Clair, stuck outside with all the other hopefuls trying to make the most of the day and wishing someone will cut her a break. 
Okay, so in reality, it wasn't THAT desperate. In fact, being a nobody at Fashion Week can be a lot of fun if you play your cards right and I'm here to tell you all about it.
Here is a cut out and keep guide to doing Fashion Week for the rest of us:

Follow the dress code. If you show up dressed like your ready to spend the afternoon seamlessly gliding from show to show you might just luck out and get in to one (post show gliding optional). Dress the part. Wear black. If you're really feeling crazy wear white. The tailoring should be impeccable and the garments should be clean and free from wear (unless you're going for that sort of thing). Picking one or two trendy items to work into your ensemble will aid your social standing once you arrive. In other words, wearing those red and purple patent leather geometric platform heels and stuffing your bra with tissue paper will guarantee you a spot at the color blocking table during lunch. And you thought you didn't learn anything worthwhile in high school!

Break all the rules. Then again, everyone is watching at Fashion Week which makes it the perfect place to cause a scene. Show up wearing nothing but saran wrap, christmas lights, and various household items you found at Target and you might land up with credits in WWD for launching Martha Stewart's fashion accessory career. Better yet,  you'll make a couple worst dressed lists which is an accomplishment in itself (I'm speaking from experience).

Represent. Your best friend makes fab screen printed tee shirts? You're wearing the awesome sweater your mom knit herself when she was 16? Wear it! You'll be getting tons of publicity for the pieces simply by showing up. You could help boost a small business or make your parents proud of you for once. If you don't have friends or parents, take some glitter glue to a sweatshirt and tell everyone that asks that it's "from your latest collection".

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  1. I love the article! Made me laugh. :D Very well written. ^^

  2. Thanks Haru! Your new hair looks incredible on you!

  3. Victoria says:

    perfect article, your writing voice is fantastic!

  4. Vivian says:

    Hahahah have you ever made it to a worst-dressed list? In fact it is an accomplishment and a very funny one indeed hahhaha!

  5. Yep! I was a Glamour Don't for my heart shaped glasses a few years ago!