Saggy tights and all! The man behind the magic, my gay fiancee Kevin Kauer snapped this of me after filming the final scene in Nurse Nancy and tossed it up in the Street Walker section of Nark Magazine, the same section that I contribute choice street fashion looks to! Like what you see? Click the link for a bonus Seattle outfit worn by yours truly!
Also, I updated my press page the other day with this and other awesome web shout outs from, Topshop, Girlguts, etc. Take a look!

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  1. You carry granny clothes very well. Most people would look prudishly prim in "conservative" 60s attire. You, however, carry it with a certain edge and youthfulness. Maybe its your hair? Your makeup? Your face?

  2. Aw thank you lady! I do love grandma style.