Work is fun when it involves doing your friends hair in neon green leopard print. Actually I had a couple job interviews today too. Being creative, it's hard to let go of a day job. I would love to be doing my own thing full time but these days its off and on whenever I find the time. Meanwhile, trying to find something on the side that pays the rent. Isn't that every artist's problem? Oh well... Lets distract ourselves with this horrifying children's mural.

Hat, blouse, and skirt are vintage. Jacket is customized. Glasses are Miu Miu. Shoes are Melissa.

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  1. That's an interestingly shaped hat! Really quaint. Know what kind of style it is?

  2. Sabina says:

    Horrifying? I love the mural--and your shrunken motorcycle jacket. Good luck finding a day job that isn't soul crushing.

  3. I very nearly bought a jacket just like this the other day but I chicken out. I'm having second thoughts now cos it looks so hot on you! x

  4. Leira: Not sure. I would call it a bell shape. Hats like this were common in the 1960s but this one is from the 80's weirdly!
    Sabina:Thanks lady!
    Amber: You should! Mine belonged to my best friend when he was a child.

  5. Amazing outfit! Love the leather jacket and your hair is rad! x