I went to visit my dad and had him help me with these photos but the composition was so poor that I had to put a cheesy blur effect on the background. DaaaaAAAAAd! Haha, the whiny teenager in me has come out.
Anyway, Summer is almost over. I now technically there is almost another month of it but I always like to think that Fall starts on the 1st of September. In the mean time I'm piling on the best of my summer wear which looks a bit like a mash up of prints, mini skirts and shorts, sunglasses, espadrilles, headscarves, florals, bright lipsticks, and easy hair– faded lilac with roots.
I bought this beautiful vintage skirt last weekend at a junk shop in Brooklyn for $8. I may hate Brooklyn but at least the prices are low out there.
Everything seems slow these days but its about to go in to hyper drive in a week. Till then I'm keeping it breezy.

Headscarf and skirt are vintage. Earrings and top are handmade. Shoes are Casa Hernanz. Glasses are Miu Miu.

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