Last week I payed a visit to the Amanda Pearl studio with fellow designer Sena for an afternoon of bubbly drinks and miniature cupcakes! Amanda and Sena are both former Seattle girls turned NYC powerhouse designers and I love spending time with them and soaking up their business knowhow like a little sponge, hee hee. 
The studio was gorgeous and I loved looking at all the images plastered onto the mood boards along the walls. I was also thrilled to see Amanda has also discovered the wonders of glitter accessories and is making several beglittered signature clutches. 
I took home this beautiful glowing bubble-like clutch and necklace which I am excited to debut for Fashion Week. We took some test shots of me in the items. How do you like them? Sena kept calling my outfit "African Rococo" hahaha.
Sena also brought me an amazing cut out party dress which means I need to find a gown worthy event to go to soon. Any suggestions??
Click HERE to shop SENA NYC. Or click HERE to shop Amanda Pearl.

Scarf is japanese wool. Top is Hipposchemes. Skirt is H&M. Wood beads are vintage. Shoes are Casa Hernanz.

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  1. I love how you've tied the head scarf. It has such a nice print.


  2. Kreepette says:

    you are my icon. I love your blog, your outfits, and your escapades. you're just so cool!

  3. first of all love plastic bags! and please, your scarf is amazing! tutorial please ;)

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I think your two new items really fill out the outfit you were wearing...


  5. Thanks ladies! Love to you all! I'll consider a tutorial but in the meantime, get yourself a light weight wool scarf. It's the best weight tieing!