Let's supplement NYC's flooded out Halloween with THE FIERCEST PICTURES EVER taken of me by my roommate the other night. I asked my creepy neighbors to be in the photos with me which I think really added something.

I didn't know what to wear the other night so this is what came of 30 mind in my bedroom- a lot of tulle, impractical heels, and a sideways wig hawk- instant Halloween magic!
I'm happy I'm not a child in NYC right now. All the Halloween parties getting cancelled when you're an adult is lame but when you're a kid it's DEVASTATING! I'm planning on carving a pumpkin and going for a drive with a car equipped friend today to look at the spooky spooky hurricane damage. Happy partying to the rest of you!

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  1. Lali says:

    The photos look soooo cool!! And you asked your creepy neighbors to be on them?! looool



  2. I just needed some man-props to tower over!