This day was insane. Earning a spot at The Blondes was all I ever wanted and on this day my NYFW dreams came true. First though, I put on an all leather outfit and my homemade Chanel brows and made my way down to the OUT Hotel to see the SIR New York show put on my my very talented friend and up and coming designer Austin. Can you say beautiful boys playing baseball??

After SIR New York, and with a little practice in patience, I was finally whisked backstage to assist Bec in covering styling at The Blonds for Beautylish. You can see the snaps I got of all the amazing nails here. So incredible to see it all come together. 
The show itself was star studded as you can see. It's still very odd to me to see pictures of paris Hilton on my camera whom I have a soft spot for ever since her stint on The Simple Life which to this day might be the single greatest trashy reality show to ever grace our televisions. 
The outfits were unbelievable. I'm only posting a couple of the photos I got. The finale piece that looks like a full body chandelier is... I have no words. It's just amazing. Totally amazing. Thats all.
If you are wondering where I am in the audience, I'm actually hiding in the press pit! I have to say I make a shit press person. People kept asking for my photo during seating. I don't think press people are supposed to stand out. The press guy next to me had never shot a fashion show or heard of The Blonds so I guess I wasn't that out of my element.
Afterward we all went to Le Bain. I ended up with Phillipe Blonds drink because someone handed it to me. Hoping it gave me Blonde cooties that will turn me into a femme-bot.

Hat is BOY London. Brows are handmade. Jacket is vintage. Dress is SENA. Clutch is Amanda Pearl. Shoes are Nine West.

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  1. Sabina says:

    These photos are amazing--and so crisp and clear even in what I'm guessing was a dark space. What kind of camera were you using? Also don't say you were a shit person. I'm a press person and while I do make a point of not standing out too much fashion-wise while working (it leads to too many questions I don't necessarily have time to answer) that doesn't mean it's a rule that you can't dress up. Especially not if you're a fashion blogger. Then the more you stand out the better because part of your credibility is in your style, though of course you know that!