On Thursday Tess and I stopped by the Patricia Field K Fashion Event/ drunkfest at The Dream Downtown for a bit of early evening rooftop partying which I am always game for. We spent a good part of the evening waving around glow sticks and drinking technicolor cocktails!

Every korean I know in the NYC fashion world was there which is exactly 2: Tess and Sena so in my eyes of course that means every korean in the NYC fashion world was there. Everyone was dressed in something rad and ridiculous as we groped on the mannequins who were dressed in K brands Morine Comte Marant and Buckaroo Jeans. We talked about what anyone would talk about at such an event which was nail art and Instagram. Yeah, we're deep. Pat was really sweet and looked fab as usual. 
I didn't know what to wear and probably just should have gone Japanese and broke out the Angelic Pretty but I decided on a vaguely hip hop school girl look with my pink rabbit fur. It kept me warm after I escaped the packed house of mirrors/elevator. look below to see a video of the party where Tess and I scramble to explain what we're going to be for Halloween.

Hat is Boy London. Dress and jacket are vintage. Tights are House of Holland. Boots are Forever 21. Necklace is Patricia Fields. Bag is Angelic Pretty.

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  1. Constance says:

    You guys look awesome!


  2. parfums says:

    looking so preety u all are so preey . nice party .
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