Even though Halloween was basically cancelled in NYC, having half the island in total darkness was far creepier than any costumed drunk-fest we could have attended. We've been stranded uptown all week waiting for the trains to start running again so Halloween night i convinced my roommate to take a car-full of us to the blackness that is downtown. 

It took us hours to travel only a couple miles. The city is in total chaos right now. Once we crossed the border into the dark, however,it was a totally different world. Spooky and quiet. The only light coming from cars here and there. People in weird costumes making there way on foot with flashlights. Subway tunnels transformed into soggy smelling black pits that led to nowhere. We stopped at Union Square Park to take some photos. It was so dark my camera refused to focus! All in all, our eerie outing saved Halloween. We then returned to our privileged uptown house with its electricity and modern conveniences. La-dee-da...

Speaking of natural disasters, HOW DO YOU LIKE MY NEW DRESS AND HAIR???

Hat, and dress are vintage. Stockings are American Apparel. Shoes are Marc Jacobs. Hair Dye is diluted Manic Panic Purrrrrrple. Lipstick is MAC Yung Rapunxel.

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  1. How eerie!


  2. Isabel says:

    That sounds like it was so absolutely eerie, what a fascinating Halloween story! Probably one you will never forget! And yes, you look fabulous of course.

  3. Yes, super eerie! Double eerie!