Going xmas card supply shopping requires an especially whimsical outfit. I went with green fur and the dress that matches my hair and my new Moschino flats which are mauve and incredibly precious. Wearing expensive shoes changes the way you walk around town. I made sure to step extra carefully to ensure my shoes remained unscuffed.

They say NYC is incredibly judgmental of peoples shoes. Its actually made me begin to judge peoples shoes more often– mostly on the subway where I have time to focus on meaningless things like that. I hope that people are focusing on these shoes on the subway. If I'm gonna be judged it better be while wearing Moschino.

Hat and dress are vintage. Coat is Blanc Noir. Shoes are Moschino.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Suddenly I have a dire need for an olive green fur coat. Love your hair, by the way.

  2. granny realness! i love it.

  3. Vivian says:

    The shoes look amazing, but I could never wear such precious shoes just to go walking around town! I'd be too scared like "omg what if it rains!" XD If you managed to come back with perfect shoes you are SOMEONE!

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Vivian– in the end I feel like precious clothing is meant to be worn! Though I understand the rain fear, I experience it less now that I no longer live in Seattle! ;)