This blouse belonged to my Step-Grandma. I'm trying to figure out if I want to hang on to it. I didn't know how else to wear it except  with leather and a head scarf but then again, what shouldn't be worn with leather and a head scarf?

Looking back at these pictures I think I look like a total weirdo but that didn't stop me from running all my errands looking dressed like a confused groupie. At least the sun was out.
Life has been out of control lately as I prepare to exhibit hats along side Mark Mitchell in the Worn Out fashion show this Friday. It has been such a challenge but I know it will do wonders for my business. 
Speaking of business, my web shop goes live on Thursday! I've been working on it all day and it's stocked full of doodle earrings ! And don't worry, after this week, hats will be flowing into it too!
Till then it's busy busy busy!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. No way, you totally should keep that top. You could also go super 60s/70s with it. Very cute.

  2. if you dont hang onto that blouse then you need to send it to me - it's amazing! Every outfit you look flawless xx

  3. Love the outfit! You should keep the top, you totally rock them!


  4. haha, I don't know Maybe I'll hang onto the top until 4th of July and then send it off to Cowbiscits!