Pretty happy with my new gun metal blue hair. Completely unexpected results from good old Silver Lady toner. I'll have to rub a bit of dye in if I want it to stay this way for a long time and I just might.
I chose to debut it at Doubles, Frank Correa's collaborative double exposure photo show. I too will be collaborating with Frank soon on an editorial shoot featuring my turbans and I'm super excited to start it. First I need to finish a series of hats to exhibit in it!

I'm loving Franks page boy-esque hair cut right now. It almost makes me miss having a bob (the staple cut I've had waaay to much throughout my life...). I had to photograph Blythe's all black ensemble. Metal meets disco with a little bit of weird grungy goth 90's girl thrown in. But all in moderation. I think I'll dig out my matte black lame' leggings again. Lisa Dank popped in looking like she just got back from touring through the desert (maybe because she did) with a southwestern back pack and a rattle snake pendant that I couldn't stop playing with, and a bevy of sun soaked hair. 
After Kevin and I finished a bottle of pink champagne (a gift from the Worn Out Fashion Show ) I chased down a couple girls to photograph their hat choice's. The first was Emily who's almost doll like charm brought so much to the black knit beanie she was wearing it almost makes me want to don one as well! I love the way she's paired it with understated almost masculine pieces and a bevy of ultra femme wavy red hair!
The second was Celeste who had topped off a tangle of dreadlocks with a pristine had reminiscent of Madeline. Loved the contrast. And I especially loved the laid back summery feeling the look brought when the hat was left to hang over her shoulders.
And of course Rose (do you remember her Edie Sedgwick look? ) showed up in the toughest outfit I've seen all week. Don't worry folks, she's a very sweet girl underneath. But who couldn't love that hat?
I gave myself a total makeover this day since my last outfit post was taken only 5 hours before these photos, haha. These photos came out so flawless. I'm so accustomed to taking my own shots and I give my camera to Kevin and he just goes "click click click click click" and every single one comes out perfect. Hmmmm...
Hat is vintage from Sacha, Dress is vintage from Redlight, Belt is second hand, Tights are from Romwe , Boots are Forever 21, Jacket belonged to my friend Tim as a child, customized, Bag is H&M


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  1. I love it when toner does that! Looks great on you

  2. Peg says:

    Love the combinations of styles in your outfit,it shouldn't work but you really pull it off perfectly.

    I especially love the dress.

    Peg x

  3. cutie (: your silver hair is to die for!
    (sorry to comment on so many posts, but i couldnt resist)

  4. Thanks! and, no worries! Comment on as many as you like :)