I'm crazy about this vintage hat I found at Pretty Parlor last week! It reminds me so much of the Giles Deacon feather hats I posted about back in April except it's cruelty free! I figure I can wear it on days I wish my hair were bigger aka EVERY DAY!
Here I am wearing it to Jerick "Jiynx Monsoon" Hoffer's roof top picnic on a mild afternoon. I brought creamy vegan pasta salad with cashew sauce and peas and spent most of my time sipping sangria, eating mangos, and learning about how credit cards work. I think I understand more about them now but I guess I can't get one until I build up credit even though the only reason I want to get one is to build up credit! Gee, the world is awful confusing... Good thing I can still spend my down time eating mangos and wearing wonderful hats.
Gonna try to give this blog a mini makeover hopefully this week. I can't stand it being so blank. I'm thinking stripes! Stay tuned!
Vintage hat from Pretty Parlor, Jacket is a handmedown from a friend, dress is vintage from Atlas, and shoes are Forever 21.

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  1. Helga! says:

    The hat is DIVINE! You wear it beautifully! You look extra pretty today.:)

  2. I can't even put it in words how much i love the fluffiness of your hat!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous! The hat is sooooo Phyllis Diller.

  4. Savannah says:

    Lovin this haircolour!

  5. All of you are so sweet! I'm glad you approve of the hat!

  6. romwe says:

    Wow you have a very special and not so ordinary look. I love your bone structure. I adore your outfit. I love the combination very much.good luck with you.