This was my "Casual Friday" look for day three of NYFW. A little '30s, a little modern, a little pajama-ish. I wore heels because a lady can never let herself get too comfy. At least if she still wishes to be called a lady. Me and Audrey spent half the day trying to meet up and I ended up at Leila Shams without her where I was escorted to the VIP section and seated next to a celeb that I cannot for the life of me seem to place. Why was I seated there? Was it because I was well dressed? Because I had a camera? Because I'm way super cool? I don't know but maybe I'll put bets on the first guess considering the audience was at least 60% tan things wedged into solid colored mini dresses with crusty mascara. Not that I have a problem with crusty mascara. The thing is, I think they do have a problem with it which is maybe the root of my qualm with them.

Er... anyway, the Leila Shams show was pretty and I jumped in a cab right after to go play press backstage at Rag & Bone. I included a picture of me above peeking into a mirror in the chaotic backstage area where Guido's team was busy working on hair. They style mine for Lanvin and it was nice to see them again. 

I stopped in a cafe on the way to the show and ate the quickest salad of my life. I ate it like a duck– I'm not sure I chewed anything! A group of italian tourists refused to offer me a seat at their counter but they did interrupt me to take photos of me between salad gulps. Maybe I should start charging for photos...

Finally met up with Audrey and Erica at Houghton which was presented outside. I wanted nearly everything that came down the runway– modern lace suits in black and white. Anything is better than those awful neon orange and yellow lace dresses every one has been wearing all summer but regardless the Houghton show was my favorite of the day and besides, they gave us free M&M's packaged in pill bottles so we can gorge on chocolate while looking like emaciated pill poppers. I don't know about you but I'm going to start eating all my meals from pill bottles just to piss people off.

Check out Audrey's post about this day for more photos. Stole the last couple in this post from her.

Hat and heels are vintage. Top is Its Mark Mitchell. Pants are SENA NYC. Bag is Bally.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pajama-ish in the best way.

    LOL. I can just see it - taking an apple slice out of a drug store bottle.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Looving the glossy black SENA pants on you!!