I spent Fashion Week Day 5 hanging out with Audrey, event hopping around the West Side. We accidentally dressed to match each other. Tis the season for orange things, florals, and black cut out heels.We went to an event for Daily Candy on top of the Empire Hotel. It was amazing up there! I loved the giant sign! We were accosted by a very tan man who told us he does all the spray tanning for the Vicoria's Secret fashion show, which sounds like every non-gay man's dream job. He tried to convince me to get a spray tan. Can you imagine? I feel like all my power would diminish! 

We also stopped by Lincoln Center which was right across the street. A Japanese blog made me hold a sign for a photo. They told me it said "Fashion Week" but I secretly think it says "I'm a big dumb fashion lametard". Or something to that effect at least...
I was spotted a couple times later at the GenArt show that Audrey invited me to. Here I am looking dazed on Elle Canada. Here I am looking bright and bushy on Fashion Indie.

Thanks again to Audrey and Erica for more than half the photos in this post! See more here.

Hat and bag are handmade. Suit is SENA. Top, gloves, and earrings are vintage. Shoes are Nine West. 

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  1. I love your head piece! do you sell them? :) xx

  2. Thanks Lalla, it's actually just a bit of vinyl wrapped around my head and pinned! ;)

  3. very nice outfit!! I like the combination ;)

  4. ooh..that's clever! :) thank you Stella! x

  5. Ana Rita says:

    OH MY GOSH, you're so beautiful!
    I love this blog <3
    I'm following you already :)
    xo, Ana Rita