I'm embarrassingly behind on my fashion week coverage thanks to my stupidly packed schedule that makes it impossible to do just about anything! That's going to change soon. In the mean time here I am running around Lincoln center in a prim ensemble while pretending it's not 90+ degrees out. Needless to say, my shirt was all kinds of stuck to my back...

I have to tell you about my skirt. My friend Jamie Von Stratton surprised me with it. It looks abstract but in reality its a collage of my Lanvin ad. Really hilarious. It got a lot of laughs after I explained it.

Even though I'm carrying my camera I couldn't get it together to take any of my own photos so I'm stealing everyone else's. The top two are from Audrey, the close up is from Sublime Dutch and the final one is from Elle UK's trend report. you should also check out this post on my look including a video from Kristy Samone.

Hat is vintage. Shirt is American Apparel. Skirt is J Von Stratton. Necklace and clutch are Amanda Pearl. Lipstick is OCC Lip Tar in Psycho